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Krishop Batik: Bon Voyage and Ni Hao!

The Singapore Airlines' signature batik print stands as a symbol of elegance, cultural heritage, and the airline's unwavering commitment to excellence. This distinctive design, deeply rooted in Southeast Asian culture, transcends being merely a pattern; it is a narrative that encapsulates the very essence of the airline and its profound connection to the region.

As a brand, we were elated to embark on a collaboration with KrisShop. Our challenge was to render the iconic SIA pattern, gracing the dark blue batik, more familiar and accessible to our cherished customers.

The Singapore Airlines batik print is a masterpiece of design, marrying traditional motifs characterized by intricate floral and geometric patterns with classic batik dots. Its rich color palette, featuring deep blue hues interwoven with intricate floral motifs, exudes both warmth and sophistication. This timeless design is a reflection of the cultural diversity of Southeast Asia, a region that Singapore Airlines proudly represents and serves. Our goal was to make this print not just accessible but also a delightful memento for aviation enthusiasts. What better way to achieve this than through serving trays and coasters, which serve as constant reminders of the journeys embarked upon?

The second facet of this project was a unique initiative aimed at upcycling the surplus trimmings from the batik fabric used in crafting the iconic Singapore Airlines blue sarong kebaya uniforms. These trimmings were transformed into unique clutch bags. Many of us have vivid memories of the impeccable service provided by SIA cabin crew, adorned in this fabric. We seized this opportunity to pay homage to the heritage of the region while embracing modernity. It serves as a poignant reminder that Singapore Airlines is more than just an airline; it is a cultural ambassador, connecting travelers to the rich tapestry of Southeast Asian traditions and narratives.

Batik is more than a mere textile; it is an art form. Our vision was the driving force behind our collaboration with KrisShop, a platform that values quality and authenticity. Today, our batik-inspired products can be discovered at, captivating a diverse audience with their exquisite craftsmanship. So, cast your eyes toward the skies, spread your wings, and let your spirit soar with us as we celebrate the artistry, culture, and elegance that is Singapore Airlines.