We Bare Bears Legacy Collection

Get ready to welcome the trio of ‘We Bare Bears’ into your heart and home with our LEGACY collection !

Nothing says Singapore like peranakan tiles! We decided to combine our love for this trio of bears and Singapore to create this exclusive line.
The We Bare Bears Legacy Collection by Photo Phactory is inspired by the collective legacy of these characters and Singapore’s cultural heritage. Meet Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear who can’t wait to be welcomed into your home. These unique products pay tribute to Singapore’s beautiful architecture and the quirky whimsical spirit of these iconic cartoons.
We Bare Bears is an American animated sitcom created by Daniel Chong for Cartoon Network. Chong was born to Singaporean Chinese immigrants in America and has showcased his love for Asian culture through these adorable anthropomorphic bears. The show follows the three lead bears, Grizzly, Panda, and Ice Bear and their attempts at integrating with the human world in the San Francisco’s Bay Area.

The bears go on various adventures and end up in sticky situations but always use teamwork to save the day. The show is The show is hugely popular in Asia and among Asian Americans as it portrays Asian Culture, Family and belonging. The show highlights and showcases Asian culture and  cuisine through their leading bears by alluding to Panda’s love for K-pop and K-dramas, the
Bears’ trips to their favourite bubble tea store and Ice Bear’s fluency in Korean and ability to cook traditional Korean food.
This critically acclaimed show ran for four seasons and 140 episodes accompanied by a film adaptation, We Bare Bears: The Movie . A spin-off series titled We Baby Bears focuses on the three bears when they were cubs which premiered in January of 2022. We Bare Bears isa product of the Cartoon Network, the same show which brought us shows like Adventure
time, Steven universe and the Powerpuff Girls.

We absolutely love collaborations and working with the Cartoon Network Characters that have charmed so many people was a dream come true ! Teals and muted browns combine to create a soft and sophisticated colour palette appropriate for any occasion.
We had so much fun designing this collection and we hope that you can take the fun and adventure of the bears with you wherever you go ! From t-shirts to totes, scarves to serving trays, we’ve got you covered.
Find your inner adventurous spirit and shop this collection today !

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