Hello Kitty X Photo Phactory 2.0

It’s back, yes the Kitty is back. Photo Phactory x Hello Kitty is back for the second year.

Vibrant and colourful limited-edition Serving trays, Coasters and Clutch bags.

Superfan or not, everyone has come across the charming and adorable Hello Kitty at some point in their life.

It’s been a year since the previous Hello Kitty collab, and this time, It’s a fresh take on some seriously classic homeware and fashion that’s sure to spark conversation!

Rooted in simplicity, geometric Peranakan tile prints and patterns and highly emotive Hello Kitty characters.

Peranakan tiles, vintage Rowhouses and Hello Kitty- can you imagine! 

Of course our Singapore heritage has to be consistent on our products as without that it would be just incomplete.

According to Sanrio,-“We are always looking for something new and we want to localize our characters in Singapore. We think the collaboration with Photo Phactory  could surprise both of our fans. We are especially excited to work with photo Phactory for their art sence and the special designs they make using photographs.”

With this collaboration with Hello Kitty some people may question what the relation is between our brand and the character.

From our perspective, we enjoy working with these unique brands that are immensely different from us because it allows us to create an element of surprise.

In terms of collaborations, our philosophy is that the more different two brands are in terms of its design, style and aesthetics, the more interesting the collaboration will be.

Happy Kittying around !!

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