From Defective Products to Pieces of Art

Trust us when we say this, turning faulty products into pieces of art is not an easy task, but we are proud to announce that we did it. As truly quoted by a learned that “some of the best things in life are mistakes'', we can't be happier for this goof-up! Here at Photophactory we came up with this amazing idea of “upcycling with a purpose” and managed to give a new life to our faulty garments through upcycling. Just a little bit of trivia for you guys, that in 2018 17 million tons of textile waste ended up in the landfills, according to data from the United States Environmental Protection Agency. But landfill is not the only destination for our defective or old clothes.

We at Photophactory believe in giving second life to our clothes but
creatively. It is rather incredible to see how our new ideas gave these garments a brand new life. When we launched our Peranakan pleated skirts in 2019, the first manufacturer goofed up and stitched a few skirts with a minor snag. We would be honest to confess here that this merchandise slip actually made us discover our brand's hidden creativity.

So this summer we got the perfect opportunity to upcycle and come up with something fun and quirky. We are extremely excited to announce the launch of our funky summer collection of headbands, scrunchies, masks, and a pleated tote bag. As our true-blue supporters, we totally believe that you will prop us in our upcycling initiative.

Since this new collection is hand-made in Singapore, upcycling our old skirts, each piece is unique in its own way. Wear it and carry it as an eye-catching add-on to spruce up your everyday look! Our new summer launch consists of:
a set of matching criss-cross headbands, hair scrunchies, masks, and pleated tote bags. 

Discover the collection here.

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