Made with Passion

Celebrating Peranakan and Shophouse Heritage through a Lifestyle Brand

We are profoundly honored and privileged to be among the chosen brands selected to join 'Made with Passion', a national initiative dedicated to showcasing and celebrating local lifestyle brands and the driving passions behind them. This prestigious accolade serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to preserving and exalting the profound Peranakan and shophouse traditions within a contemporary context. It underscores our resolute dedication to safeguarding our cultural heritage.

Photo Phactory was born from a collective fervor for the preservation and promotion of Peranakan culture. Our journey commenced with a vision to establish a brand that not only pays homage to this rich heritage but also makes it accessible to the modern world. At Photo Phactory, we hold the belief that the treasures of our history are the most precious gems, and we take immense pride in seamlessly fusing heritage and modernity to craft practical lifestyle items.

Yet, the path to our present standing has not been without its trials and tribulations. Photo Phactory has navigated through numerous challenges and setbacks, much like the journey of Singapore itself. However, we persevered and emerged as the brand we are today. Our odyssey began with leisurely strolls through the streets, where we were captivated by the vivid colors, intricate patterns, and motifs adorning traditional Peranakan shophouses and vintage tiles. We were entranced by the beauty of Peranakan culture, a harmonious fusion of Chinese, Malay, Indonesian, and Western influences. Simultaneously, we observed a dearth of innovative offerings in the Singapore souvenir industry.

This realization prompted us to transform my photographs into a unique and comprehensive collection of souvenirs and gifts. Our objective was not just to create decorative items but to fashion valuable and practical additions to everyday life. With the aim of bridging the gap in the Singapore market, Photo Phactory was born—a brand that meticulously designs and curates lifestyle items, souvenirs, and merchandise embodying Singapore's vibrant history, traditions, and culture. Over the years, we have experienced remarkable growth and evolution. Starting as a modest brand, we have evolved into a significant influence. Our collaborations with iconic names like Cartoon Network, Hello Kitty, Singapore Airlines, and Formula 1 Singapore GPSS have expanded our product range and garnered a substantial social media following, thereby amplifying our message.

Our signature Peranakan and batik prints are thoughtfully curated and designed right here on our island. They are then painstakingly handmade by skilled artisans using sustainable materials such as Mangowood, ensuring that each piece encapsulates the essence of Peranakan artistry. We have also ventured into upcycled collections, such as the Singapore Airlines and Krisshop collaboration, reinforcing our commitment to environmental sustainability.

In our pursuit of eco-conscious practices, we have adopted eco-friendly packaging materials and are actively phasing out plastic. We collaborate closely with our manufacturers to minimize waste and promote sustainable production techniques.

This recognition we have received reaffirms our steadfast commitment to preserving and celebrating the profound Peranakan and shophouse traditions that form an indelible part of Singapore's cultural identity. With this prestigious award, we are inspired to continue our journey with even greater passion, dedication, and a heightened sense of responsibility to our heritage, our community, and our beloved little red dot. We hold a deep affection for you, Singapore!

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