Chinoiserie Modern Asia Collection

Think of shophouses and pagodas from centuries gone by, smell the sweet frangipanis and relax in the shade of the palm trees. Walk across bridges and see the sights : That’s our collection in a nutshell for you!

Introducing our Chinoiserie Modern Asia Collection : Our enchanting designs will flatter your curves and help you flaunt what you’ve got with style ! With high quality fabrics and captivating prints, this is a collection your wardrobe needs !
Our asymmetric one shoulder sack dress is cut from a lightweight luxe satin material.
The shine and bounce of the fabric should add an extra spring in your step. These dresses are amazingly comfortable and enhances your shape in all the right places.
During my travels in Asia, I’ve always noticed and admired simple design details in these structures and have enjoyed bringing them to life in this collection. Create romantic and classic looks that are picture perfect with our prints !

Our prints have uniquely rendered details like pagodas. A pagoda is a tiered tower with caves found in China, Korea and other parts of Asia. They were most often used by Buddhists and Taoists and were located in or near viharas. Interesting enough, the pagoda traces its origins
to the Buddhist stupas of ancient India ! Pagodas are a traditional part of the architecture of China and have been admired for centuries for their stunning views and unique structure. Many paintings and classical poems from China and other Asian countries reference pagodas so we couldn’t resist adding them to our collection!
The chinoiserie print also contains renderings of Frangipani blossom. This white blossom has carried complex symbolic significance and meanings for millennia, with examples from Aztec Cultures , India and China. The frangipani blossom has also been associated with love in Feng Shui. Frangipanis are rare and important in China, and considered even more precious than orchids! This sacred blossom is widely cultivated in Chinese provinces like Guangdong, Yunnan and Fujian.

Another design detail in our print is a bridge which is an important symbol of Chinese ancient civilization. Did you know that The oldest bridge still in is the Anji Bridge found in the Hebei Province of China constructed during the years between 595 and 605 CE?
We love cultural fusion and the Chinoiserie style is testament to the wonderful outcomes we get when design cultures meet. As Eastern and Western design combined, the by-product
Chinoiserie has enthralled viewers for decades. Check out our chinoiserie collection in the link below ! We hope you enjoy these clothes as much as we did when we were designing
them !
Chinoiserie Modern Asia Collection

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